Arts & Faith’s Top 100

Here is the link to the Arts & Faith top 100 films. I’m putting my netflix to work to see as many of these as I can or want to based on the summaries. Already viewed “Ordet.” “Babbett’s Feast” is on the way! I’ll be posting reflections here.

Jeffrey Overstreet wrote an introduction to this list here. He tackles some great questions on how Christians can interact with great art, the difference between art and propaganda, what art is, etc.

Here’s an excerpt:

Christian media have in recent years tended to celebrated art and entertainment for its “evangelical potential.” In other words, many Christians have become so concerned about the usefulness of art as a tool of ministry and evangelism, they’ve forgotten—or never known in the first place—what art really is, and how it works.

As a result, “Christian art” has become more and more didactic and simplistic. Its messages are easily paraphrased. No wonder the rest of the world dismisses it so easily.

Who can blame them? People turn to art for an imaginative experience, not a lesson or a sales pitch.”

Go, read and comment here!


~ by shardsofeternity on March 9, 2010.

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