A meditative film. A quiet film. A slow film.
A film that puts you in a contemplative mood.
Scored by silence and the sound of human singing;
the ticking clock and the howling winds.
One father and three sons all wrestling God together.
Coffee quaffed abundantly. Bearded patriarch tangles
With another God-wrestler, each seeing God from differing
Angles while his sons struggle to see God even at all.
Johannsen sees himself as the mystical embodiment of Christ.
Mikkel sees God as a mental entrapment to explain the unknown.
Anders sees God only in his lover’s eyes if he looks for God at all.
And the howling wind outside, filling crevices, animating dead things
Is joined in harmony by the ticking clock, sketching out Time’s passing.
The wailing of the abyss juxtaposed with unthinking measurement.
Why measure what cannot be understood? Why finagle over mystery?
And yet, in the face of death, our petty theological squabbles evaporate.
Can these bones live? Is the question that this film answers.
Is death the last word on our loves, hopes, fears, struggles, hopes, dreams?
Does it all disappear into the gaping void of nothingness with us?
Is life an illusion? In the face of death does anything matter?
Does death or life have the last word? This film answers LIFE.
In this story of howling winds, gaping voids and ticking clocks,
Resurrection and reconciliation has the last word.
Love is worth it, dreams matter, hope wins out.
There is a holy hush as dead lungs inhale the breath of life.
And we leave this imperfect family as they taste this grace together.
A funeral becomes a party, mourning turns to laughter.
Those of us who savor the joke of God and the laughter of Sarah,
Finish this film with renewed humanity and holy awe. Ordet, definitely see it.


~ by shardsofeternity on March 9, 2010.

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